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When it comes to clutch specialists operating around the Basildon area, you’ll struggle to find anyone as accomplished as Romford Clutch & Service Centre. While we do offer a full range of car repairs and car servicing as you’ll find at more generic Essex garages, we have a huge amount of experience working specifically with clutches; we offer both clutch repairs and clutch replacement, so we’re equally capable of amending a minor fault as addressing a clutch that has totally failed.

How Does a Clutch Work?

The main job of your clutch is to allow for the transfer of power between motor and transmission. This delivers power to the wheel, and off you go. It’s made up of three key components: clutch disc, pressure plate and flywheel, and engages when your foot is removed from the clutch pedal. However, there’s a lot more to a clutch than this shortened and simplified explanation implies, and due to this complexity, a clutch can experience many different issues that prevents it from working optimally. Regular car servicing, and dealing with minor car repairs as and when they emerge at competent garages like our own near Basildon, are the key ways to avoid said issues; another tip is to drive carefully and not to “abuse” the clutch by engaging/disengaging it frivolously and recklessly.

Signs You Might Need Clutch Repairs or Clutch Replacement

But, you might still end up in need of clutch repairs or clutch replacement. How will you know? One alarming symptom that Basildon motorists should treat seriously is a smoky or burning smell emerging when using the clutch pedal (e.g when locked up in traffic). This can also result from general wear and tear or overheating, which also will require diagnostics/investigation.


Garages like our own will also receive visits from Basildon motorists who’ve noticed their clutch is slipping, or that gears aren’t functioning properly. This can point to the need for a clutch replacement, as will if you keep revving the motor and find that you can’t get to speeds that were previously easily handled by your vehicle.


With regular car servicing and the aforementioned essential car repairs being carried out as and when required, a clutch can last upward of a decade – so clutch replacement isn’t the most common service performed by garages. This is a big reason why we receive a lot of custom from the Basildon and wider Essex area; we’re experts in clutch repairs and clutch replacement and thus know what we’re doing.

For expertly delivered mechanical services including car servicing, car repairs – including clutch repairs and clutch replacement – visit our garage, just a short drive from Basildon.


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