Affordable, Expertly Delivered Car Servicing in Romford & Wider Essex

The expert mechanics at Romford Clutch & Service Centre provide Essex motorists with car servicing packages that are both affordable, and delivered to exceptional standards. Motorists from Basildon to Brentwood, Chelmsford to our hometown of Romford, all visit for friendly and tailored automotive assistance that minimises any inconvenience involved in maintaining your vehicle.


Our six month, interim car servicing packages are aimed towards those who get a lot of use out of their vehicle, making trips in it every day. These involve checks on all vital components in addition to a change of oil and filter. Whether or not you are the type of motorist who requires interim car servicing, you should make sure to visit us once a year for a full car servicing package; this covers all bases, and is a vital means of ensuring your vehicle continues to be safe and roadworthy.


To book in car servicing at our Romford garage – easily accessible from all the aforementioned areas: Basildon, Brentwood and Chelmsford as well as all other Essex locales – pick up the phone and call 01708 754 882. Still unconvinced of the merits of car servicing? Read on to learn of the various benefits this important maintenance procedure provides.

Why Invest in Regular Car Servicing?

Safety – Having a trained mechanic look over essential components in your vehicle allows us to pick up on emerging issues that could, if left unchecked, put you in danger. They say you can’t put a price on safety, so consider how our highly affordable car servicing packages can work to preventing a nasty accident and the repercussions this could have on you, your vehicle, passengers, and fellow motorists.




Fuel Efficiency – Motorists visiting us from our key service areas of Basildon, Brentwood, Chelmsford, Romford and all nearby Essex locations save money at the pumps; this means car servicing can essentially pay for itself over a long enough timeline. This is because a well-maintained vehicle requires less fuel for its day-to-day operation.

Breakdown Avoidance – While breaking down isn’t the end of the world, it’s a huge inconvenience – you could be waiting just minutes, or upwards of an hour to have your vehicle collected. Then you need to make alternate travel arrangements, and spend the time sorting out car repairs. It can scupper your day, and put a sour note on your whole week. Car servicing is proven to reduce the chance of breakdown, by keeping everything working “well-oiled” and functioning optimally.




Reduced Repair Bill – …but a poorly maintained vehicle might not breakdown; it may simply start acting oddly. Now generally, the cost of repair is above the cost of servicing due to the need to often buy a new component, and the fact the labour is more intensive/takes more time. So motorists who keep their vehicle in proper working order through regular car servicing can save in this department, too.

Maintained Value – These days motorists from Basildon to Brentwood, and throughout other Essex areas like Chelmsford and our own Romford, decide to sell their vehicle once it’s served its purpose (and they’d like to change model). How much you get has a lot to do with how well maintained it’s been throughout its lifespan up to said point; car servicing can earn you extra cash when you do decide to sell up, maximising return on investment.

Keep your vehicle in perfect working order with our car servicing packages. Romford Clutch & Service Centre is Essex’s favoured choice for automotive maintenance.


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