Independent Specialist for Car Servicing & Clutch Repairs in Brentwood

The Romford Clutch & Service Centre team is always receiving visits from Brentwood motorists keeping on top of vehicle maintenance; we help by providing affordable, professional car servicing, all the essential car repairs offered by garages, and specialist clutch repairs and clutch replacement. Below, we’ve looked to provide some tips in this area, so you can keep your car in perfect working order.

Automotive Maintenance Tips

Vehicles Need TLC

Not the U.S RNB group, but actual tender loving care! This can take a few forms; perhaps most crucially: regular car servicing offered by respected garages. As we’re located just a short drive from Brentwood, we can offer just this. Car servicing involves checks to all the major components that keep your vehicle safe and roadworthy. It comes in both an interim package, for drivers who are constantly making journeys (e.g daily commutes) and full packages that are essential for less avid drivers, as well as the former type.


The benefits of car servicing, which also includes an oil and filter change, are bountiful: less chance of needing car repairs (e.g the clutch repairs and clutch replacements we specialise in), maintenance of vehicle value, safer driving, reduced fuel costs and a much easier time when it comes to passing your MOT test first try!


Listen to Your Vehicle, and Act Fast

Ok, so this is more of a two-parter… but you should make an effort to “listen” to your vehicle for any signs it might be suffering an emerging fault. The rule of thumb with vehicle maintenance is act fast; the longer you hold off, the worse the problem can get. If you hear a jarring noise, or feel a pedal acting oddly (stiff or spongy, perhaps) then get down to our garages near Brentwood for diagnostics.


It may be that on the spot car repairs, or even just car servicing could prevent you from needing to shell out for more expensive repairs down the line – e.g major clutch repairs or a flat out clutch replacement. There’s also a huge safety issue at work here; if your vehicle is acting oddly, you shouldn’t gamble your own health and the health of fellow motorists by ignoring it.


Cheapest Doesn’t Always Equal Best

At Romford Clutch & Service Centre, we’re under no illusions – there are many garages operating in the Essex area; and while we aim to remain extremely competitive amongst those close to Brentwood offering car repairs, car servicing, and specialities such as clutch repairs and clutch replacement – we are aware there may be some garages that are suspiciously cheap.


As with most other industries, we’d recommend prospective customers do their research well here, for the maxim that “cheap workmanship can cost you down the line” is certainly true with automotive services and vehicle maintenance. Often the reason why these suspiciously cheap garages can offer such prices is they use poor quality parts, and inexperienced mechanics – thus saving on both parts and labour. It’s always best to choose a trusted, experienced mechanical specialist (which we certainly are).

So let Romford Clutch & Service Centre help you keep on top of vehicular maintenance. For car servicing and car repairs near Brentwood, call 01708 754 882.


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