The Discerning Motorists’ Choice Amongst Garages in Essex

Winter is quickly rolling around and will soon have Essex residents reminiscing fondly of the heat wave we only recently stopped complaining about! It means a new set of concerns for motorists, all of which are manageable with the right information at hand (and in some cases, the assistance of quality garages like our own Romford Clutch & Service Centre). Some car repairs become more commonly tended to during the winter months, and we recommend Essex clients ensure their car servicing is sorted to minimise the likelihood of the automotive faults that call for them.


That’s why on this page, we’ve run over some common winter issues and how to safeguard against them. If you’ve instead found this page because you’re searching for an Essex based specialist for clutch repairs and clutch replacement, or the aforementioned “general” automotive services like car servicing and car repairs, don’t hesitate to call us directly on 01708 754 882.

Common Winter Automotive Problems

Car Battery – It’s an everyday nightmare: you get up in the morning, get ready to leave the house and the car won’t start. The good news is, this rarely means you’ll need to get on the phone to garages, like ours in Essex, to see out professional car repairs. If you have a second vehicle or a helpful neighbour, it may be sufficient to jump-start it (if you have the cables to hand).


In rarer cases, however, the battery may require replacing – so if it’s not responsive even after a jump-start, we urge you to contact us so we can figure out whether you require a batter replacement (rudimentary and stress-free as far as car repairs go). If it’s been a while since you had your battery recharged/tested, car servicing is a great opportunity to check before you’re left stranded.


Fuel System – Over the course of a vehicle’s lifespan, water can enter into car fuel systems, contaminating them. This is a problem as it this errant water can freeze, preventing the engine from functioning altogether. A common problem area is the fuel lines themselves, which lead fuel into each separate injector; their narrowness is the key issue.


So if you notice your engine stuttering, failing to start, or an uncomfortable and uneven sensation when accelerating – visit Romford Clutch & Service Centre. Unlike many other Essex garages, we are constantly investing in the latest diagnostics equipment so we can read ECU fault codes and quickly diagnose issues, before delivering the require car repairs, or car servicing if a lesser issue.


Clutch Contraction – Many people don’t know this, but the cold weather can even cause issues for your clutch, leading to the need for clutch repairs (and in extreme cases, clutch replacement). The cold can cause contraction, which lead to your clutch’s master cylinders failing. This is caused by a lack of pressure in your hydraulic lines. So if you start suffering issues when the weather takes a turn, specifically with shifting gear, visit Romford Clutch & Service Centre.


As our name suggests, we’re the Essex area’s first port of call for clutch repairs and clutch maintenance – as well as more general services like car servicing and car repairs. There are few garages that can match us, even in these less specialist areas!

Romford Clutch & Service Centre is proud of its reputation as the Essex area’s first choice for car repairs and car servicing. To see what separates from competing garages, visit today!


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