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Surveys show most UK motorists prefer to visit independent garages over main dealerships, for a handful of reasons that we’ve looked to explore on this page. As an independent garage ourselves, providing car servicing and car repairs to motorists in and around Chelmsford and the wider Essex area, with a special emphasis on clutch repairs and clutch replacement, we want to ensure everyone knows what makes us special; if we can secure a few converts from the main dealership camp, so be it!

Independent vs Chain Garages & Main Dealers in Chelmsford

Costs – It pays to be shrewd and pinch pennies, especially in this day and age. That’s why Chelmsford motorists visit Romford Clutch & Service Centre over competing main dealer garages for everything from car repairs to car servicing: it’s simply cheaper. Independent garages march to the beat of their own drum and can set their own prices, whereas main dealers have to listen to advice from high above on the corporate ladder. That means we keep competitive by monitoring the market, adjusting prices and thereby staying ahead of the curve.


The Local Factor – From Costa Coffee branches pushing out local cafes, to vanishing bookshops being forced out by Amazon – huge corporations use their size and business models to take over cities, or at least change their make-up. Supporting local, independent businesses is thus a big priority for many Chelmsford residents. As we’re in nearby Romford, and are a specialist for clutch repairs and clutch replacement, this makes us a popular location for automotive services amongst those who want to keep this approach to patronage consistent, even for their car servicing and car repairs.


Personal, Friendly Service – Likewise, the size of main dealers and chain garages can make them feel very impersonal; their approach to maximising profit means they want you in and out as quick as possible. This makes them prone to offering a generic, one-size fits all service that doesn’t accommodate you as an individual, and indeed your vehicle as an individual! After all, just like us our cars have their own quirks, even those of the same model/make. Independent garages, like ours near Chelmsford, can make car repairs and car servicing tailored to you, so that you enjoy a friendly and personable service on top of the exceptional standard of automotive work you’ll receive.


Convenience – Finally, local garages are simply easier to reach; main dealers can be a fair journey away which might prove impossible if you’re in urgent need of, for example, clutch repairs or clutch replacement (for which we are Chelmsford’s local specialist). We can fit appointments around your busy daily routine, ensuring minimal disruption.

Find out why 70% of Chelmsford motorists prefer independent garages over main dealers for car servicing & car repairs… Call Romford Clutch & Service Centre on 01708 754 882.


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